About Husqvarna Chainsaw Academy

This site is your online resource for safe and efficient working techniques when using a chainsaw at work or at home. All of the topics covered here are intended for you – whether you are about to use your chainsaw for the first time or already use chainsaws and want to update your knowledge in modern working practices.

As one of the world’s leading chainsaw manufacturers, it is quite natural for us at Husqvarna to share knowledge on how to use a chainsaw. And that’s what the Husqvarna Chainsaw Academy is all about. Here we give our view on proper and safe working methods for frequently occurring situations in felling work.

Learn safe chainsaw use

In many countries, the content on this site is used as training material for forestry schools and courses that teach the practical and safe use of chainsaws. Taking a course of this kind is highly recommended and in some markets a legal requirement before using a chainsaw. Check the laws and regulations in your market. The right knowledge is not only necessary but also vital when you use a chainsaw. No procedure or experience in the world can compensate for poor working techniques.

Also, what is considered to be the right working methods might vary in different parts of the world according to law and tradition. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that users observe local laws regarding chainsaw use.

With a modern chainsaw, approved personal protective equipment and the right knowledge, you have great potential to succeed in your felling work, wherever you may be.

Nature conservation and responsible planning

Nature conservation is a natural part of modern forestry. When planning to fell individual trees or a larger forest area, we need to consider the plants and animals that live in the forest.

When we fell trees, we must also think about the people who enjoy the forest, for example hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Special consideration must be taken when felling near densely populated areas.

Those who use the forest must think about it from a longer perspective, over several generations. The forest should continue to provide valuable wood in the future, while sustaining habitats for plants and animals.

Planning for felling a stand includes both felling plans and environmental protection plans. Government agencies in many countries set requirements in order to ensure responsible nature conservation when felling trees.

Environmental considerations vary between countries and types of forests. Find out which regulations and recommendations apply in your country before you begin felling.

About Husqvarna and our forestry products

Husqvarna Group is a global leading producer of outdoor power products and innovative solutions for forest, park and garden care. Husqvarna’s history goes back more than 325 years, when the company was founded in Huskvarna, Sweden.

Thanks to their reliability and ease of use, Husqvarna chainsaws have been the favorite for generations of loggers and landowners since 1959 when we introduced our first single-user petrol chainsaw.

Today, Husqvarna’s range of petrol chainsaws, battery and electric chainsaws includes everything from heavy-duty professional top handle chainsaws, to lightweight chainsaws for domestic use and chopping firewood, as well as industrial chainsaws for felling and pruning. A Husqvarna chainsaw will be your reliable partner no matter what forestry challenges you’re facing.

Visit Husqvarna.com to view our range of products.

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