Decayed trees

Rot mainly attacks older and damaged trees. The disease weakens the wood fibres making felling hazardous. Fell the tree in the natural direction of felling or secure the tree with a winch.

If you suspect rot:


Make an inspection bore with the guide bar upright directed in the direction of fall, positioned in the middle of the hinge and below the level of the felling cut.


Check if the wood is discoloured and soft.


Make sure to cut the hinge in healthy wood and is as long as possible – either by adapting the directional notch’s depth or by cutting higher up on the trunk where the wood is usually healthier.

Images Working with chainsaws, part 2

Safety first! Felling a decayed tree is particularly hazardous and should only be performed by a person with sufficient knowledge and experience. Plan the felling thoroughly and consider all the risks involved.

To fell a weakened tree in a controlled manner, apply the same technique as for the directional felling of healthy trees with the directional notch, felling cut and hinge. But as the timber is greatly weakened, or partially missing at the hinge, you should either fell a tree in its natural felling direction or secure with ropes.

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June 21, 2022

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