Useful tools and accessories

When felling trees, particularly in remote areas, the more prepared you are for the unexpected, the better. In fact, it might just be the key to getting the job done – safely and effectively.

Logger belt

A complete tool belt for a professional logger. Flexible for different tools like lifting hooks/tongs, wedges, axe, measuring tape, files and first aid kit.

Filing equipment and vice

It is easy to overlook filing equipment and a vice, but these tools might just help save the day.

Felling tools

You should always include breaking bars and wedges of different sizes when felling trees. As well as a turning strap if you accidentally fell a tree against another tree. A hand winch is also useful to have to bring down a hung tree. For particularly difficult or sensitive felling, you should also include a winch, rope and pulley as well as a means for attaching a rope high up in a tree if needed. Read more about felling tools.

Lifting hook and lifting tongs

A lifting hook is used to lift and turn the logs. Lifting tongs are used to lift and move the smaller logs and pieces of firewood and pulpwood. It is very important that your tongs and hook are pointed and sharp to ensure good grip on the logs.


Use an axe to remove bark, soil and sand from the log before cutting, as this will reduce wear on the guide bar and chain. You also use the axe to knock in the felling wedges.

Extra cutting equipment

Take an extra guide bar and chain with you so that you do not have to stop work if you pinch the bar or the chain becomes damaged.


Practical tool for measuring the diameter and calculating the volume of logs.

Combi can for fuel and chain oil

A combined petrol/oil can with filling protection that prevents unnecessary spills being released into the environment. By using alkylate petrol, such as Aspen, you can lower the amount of harmful emissions from your chainsaw. If you use regular petrol, you should mix it with a high quality 2-stroke oil (XP®-oil is recommended). For chain lubrication, we recommend vegetable chain oils that are biodegradable.

Spare parts

When working in remote areas, it’s a good idea to bring a basic assortment of spare parts to keep your chainsaw running.

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November 26, 2018

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