Felling against the lean

Felling method for small trees


Make a directional notch as normal. Now saw a felling cut that is 2/3 of the truck’s diameter from the rear side of the tree.


Insert the wedge or breaking bar straight back in the felling cut.


Now complete the felling cut with an oblique cut from the other direction, ensuring the nose of the guide bar slightly overlaps the first cut. You are then at no risk of cutting into the wedge or breaking bar.

Option: Safe corner method


Make a directional notch as normal. Now make a bore through the trunk and extend the felling hinge laterally.


Continue to saw backwards to about 2/3 of the trunk’s diameter. Pull back the guide bar to create a 5–10 cm wide corner. Now continue sawing until you cut through the tree. All that then remains is a corner of unsawn timber. The corner is roughly the same total area as the hinge.


Insert the wedge or breaking bar straight to the back.


Finally, saw off the corner and the tree will fall. Place the cut immediately under the previous cut in order to avoid sawing in the felling wedge.

Felling method for large trees

This method can be used if the lean is moderate and the tree is medium-thick to thick.


Make a directional notch as normal. Now make a bore to about 60 % ,or slightly more than half, of the tree diameter.


Cut straight backwards through the whole tree.


Change your position to the other side of the tree. Make a bore that meets the opposite bore and cut straight backwards until you have shaped a suitable corner.


Knock the first wedge in straight back. Start with a wide wedge.


Saw off the safe corner.


If necessary, knock in more wedges to make the tree fall. Start with a thicker wedge alongside the first. You can now knock in a third wedge on top of the first.

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