Basic tree felling

Working with chainsaws – safety first

When it comes to felling trees, safety is everything. Avoiding the risk of injury to you and people nearby requires careful preparation and planning. If uncertain, consult a professional in your area. This section of the site covers the following topics:

Felling trees

Remember: every tree is different. So be sure to properly prepare and plan before you fell a tree. You should also have a solid understanding of the key concepts of tree felling, such as felling hinge, directional notch and felling cut, as well as what methods and techniques to use, depending on the tree. This section of the site includes:

Limbing and crosscutting – finishing the job

Your work is not done when the tree hits the ground. That’s why this section includes recommendations and step-by-step guides for limbing and crosscutting safely and efficiently.

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June 16, 2022

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