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Safety is built on knowledge. Once you have inspected the worksite and the tree, and assessed the risks, it’s time to develop the work plan. But remember that identifying and mitigating risks is a continuous effort at every stage in your planning. For example, be aware that the work methods you decide on as part of your work plan, also have risks that you need to deal with. The same is true for the tools you need to complete the task. Know the risks!


Understand the work to be done

Start by making sure that you have a thorough understanding of the work to be done. Are you at the correct location? What tree(s) will you be working on? What are the expected results? In what order should the work be performed? And who will be assigned to each task?


Determine the work method to use

The work method should be based on the task, the skills of you and your team, and the tools available. Divide the work method into small steps, so that you can adjust the plan during work should things not go as planned. Make sure you and the team have the skills needed to perform according to the work method?


The right tools – available and functioning properly

What are the right tools for a safe work method? Are they all at the worksite and in working condition? Do you have what you will need to keep them running, such as additional fuel, batteries or chain oil?


Make sure the worksite is safe

Is the worksite blocked off from the public in a secure and effective way? Are all members of the team wearing proper PPE? Have they been informed of the risk assessment and work plan? Be sure to designate a space outside of the risk area for machine service, breaks etc.


Align with risk assessment

Make sure the work plan is aligned with your worksite risk assessment. If it is not, then you have to take a new look at the worksite risk assessment and work plan. Take actions to reduce risks and develop a new work plan.


Communicate the work plan

It is vital that you communicate the work plan to all team members before proceeding. Make sure that everybody fully understands the plan – so that they know what needs to be done and what to do should things not go as planned. It is very important to understand that every plan is fluid, and that any action taken may result in a change to the plan as you continue.

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