Felling along the heavy lean

For severely forward leaning or already split wood, use the V-cut, deep V-cut or an opening on the pressure side to reduce the risk of splitting and allow the tree to fall slowly initially.



Make two directional notches so that the nose is pointing in the direction of felling, i.e. the direction of the lean. Be sure that the cuts meet inside the bark edge.


Now make the felling cut from the back in stages. The tree will then fall relatively slowly.

Deep V-cut

One version of the V-cut is the deep V-cut where you only saw from the pressure side. The starting point is the same as a V-cut, but you then saw an increasingly more obtuse cut in the V in stages until bending starts.

Opening on the pressure side

This method requires more cutting than the V-cut, but it gives you greater control over the direction of felling.


Stand to the side of the tree to the direction of felling as you work.


Make an open directional notch.


Continue cutting in stages deeper through the trunk until the tree starts to fall very slowly.

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