Impact tools

Impact tools, such as an axe, sledge hammer and impact bar, are used to drive felling wedges to lift a tree. To be prepared for advanced felling situations, your equipment should include a complete assortment of well-maintained impact tools ready to be used for various situations.

Think of impact tools as multi-purpose tools since they can be used for so many applications. The axe, for example, can be used to remove bark, soil and sand from the log before cutting, and the impact bar is also used as a breaking bar. The type and weight of the impact tool to use depends on the size of the wedge and the required force to lift and fell the tree.

Before using impact tools, make sure that you and your team have the proper training and experience in advanced felling situations so that you know how and when to use them. Safety first – always!

Choosing your impact tool

An impact bar is usually enough for a normal tree that is not leaning, since you don’t need a high amount of force to drive the wedge. A large, heavy or leaning tree, however, requires much higher forces. This means you need an impact tool of at least 2,4 kg or more, such as a universal axe. Where even more power and weight are necessary, use a sledge axe or sledge hammer.

If the impact tool used is not heavy enough, there is a risk that the wedge cannot be driven into the felling cut and, as a result, the tree is not lifted. Simply put, the applied force is not enough to drive the wedge. An impact tool that is too light for the task can also risk stress or damage to the operator’s hands and arms due to the high impact force applied.


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August 31, 2023

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