Felling along the lean

If the tree leans in the direction of felling, it is very likely that the tree will start to fall before the felling cut is complete. You then run the risk of the wood splitting violently causing half the tree trunk to jump out backwards – resulting in a serious accident. This also destroys much of the timber. You can avoid this by using the following method.

For moderately forward leaning trees

Use the safe corner method but place the corner straight back.


Make a bore to about 60 % of the tree diameter. Cut forward to the hinge.


Now saw straight back until about 5 cm is left


Change your position to the other side of the tree. Make a bore, saw up to the hinge.
Saw straight back until about 5 cm is left.


Finally, saw off the safe corner straight from behind.

Illustrations Wwc part 2

Premature falling can result in serious injury or death. Follow instructions carefully.

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December 13, 2023

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